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Constraint Tracking System - Capacity declaration and reporting system

Over the past several years, power generation companies have begun joining electric markets including MISO, PJM, NYISO, etc. Every day the generating units of these utilities are bid into the real-time and day-ahead markets. To avoid substantial penalties, electric companies must accurately bid the capability of each of their units. In addition, every unit derate and forced outage must be reported to markets in a timely manner.

Constraint Tracking System - Capacity declaration and reporting system
Constraint Tracking System - MISO Commitment Report

The Constraint Tracking System has been developed to organize and track the unit constraints for an entire generation fleet. This web-based application is designed to manually record equipment failures and scheduled outages into an electronic database the results of which can be automatically transmitted to the markets. The final results of the system include a capability timeline for each unit as well as unit constraint details. This information is made available to all corporate users through the use of a standard web browser, PDA, or Smartphone.

The Constraint Tracking System was the winner or the prestigious Alex Dow award at DTE Energy® for improved operations. Says Gregory J. Ostrowski, a Generation Optimization Specialist with DTE Energy

"If we attribute a reduction in the time people spend on the morning meeting to efficiency improvements due to the Constraint Tracking System, then the savings could be estimated as follows" (see image)

Constraint Tracking System - Alex Dow award for projected savings
Constraint Tracking System - Fleetwide Availability Reporting

the Constraint Tracking System provides dispatch centers and plant staff operating availability details.
  • Tracks unit derates and outages and calculates unit availability
  • Integrates with transmission operating markets
  • Integrates with corporate NERC reporting
  • Provides real-time data links between System Dispatch and the Plant
  • Utilizes the PI™ System to integrate system dispatch controls with the plant boiler/turbine controls
  • Integrated approval process for all planned unit constraints
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Paperless (electronic) web forms





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