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Glance Plant Visibility Package

An alternative, low-cost, turn-key solution
for visibility into your operations.

Step 1: Register and Download

 Go to the ECG Portal to register. Once registered you will receive an email confirmation that your account is ready. Next, login and download the full-featured instance of Glance, Calculink, and InfluxDB from the Support page located here.

ECG Website

Step 2: Free Software Install Support

Once you have registered, logged in, and have the packet downloaded, we can walk you through the installation, connection, and configuration of Glance,
CalcuLink, and InfluxDB to get you up and running in no time. If you prefer a self-guided setup you can also go to the Support page here and download the Setup and License Key Generation manual.

Glance page

Step 3: Free Training

We offer a virtual “Let’s Get Started Training” session to help
you get familiar with the tools and work with you to build out
real-time monitoring dashboards.

Free Training

Step 4: 60 Day exploration

For the next 60 days you’ll have the opportunity to explore all
the capabilities and features Glance, CalcuLink, and InfluxDB
has to offer. Our Customer Success team will be here to
support you through the whole process.

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Throughout your trial period you’ll also have access to our
Support Services team, online video tutorials, knowledge
base containing all the manuals and help documents to
make you successful.

  • Free Support Services
  • Free Video Tutorials
  •  Free Documentation

Click here to go to the ECG Portal to Register and Download Glance now!