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Engineering Services

ECG offers a number of analytical services. Contact us today to let our engineers get the most out of your data!

Engineering Services

Business Analytics
With over 31 years of experience with manipulating large amounts of data, ECG has learned how to make that data useful to the end user. From performance calculations to statistical process monitoring, ECG transforms raw data into analysis-ready data.

Pulverizer Diagnostics
ECG can supply support services to trouble shoot mill operation utilizing mill diagnostic equipment. We’ve assisted with diagnosing shaft breakage and mill vibration issues.

Custom Data Acquisition Systems
ECG can provide hardware and software solutions to your custom applications. Incorporating high-speed data acquisition and logging together with signal processing by filter or Fourier analysis.

Diagnostic Reasoner Engine
ECG consults in cause and effect modeling utilizing Bayesian probability principles.

Custom Image Analysis
Using MATLAB, we have the ability to digitize images for analysis in order to extract statistical data.

First Principles Modeling and Thermal Performance Monitoring
ECG can build first principle models for your process in PI ACE or your native calculation engine.

Coal Quality Impacts
ECG can provide coal impact ash studies to determine the effects of coal blends on boiler and downstream equipment.

Coal Flow Model

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