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Real-time Fuel Tracking System


AccuTrack is a full-featured inventory management system that can integrate with online coal analyzers and track coal from shipment to burner.

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Optimize Fuel Management with a Real-Time Tracking System

Efficient Coal Tracking and Inventory Management with AccuTrack: Seamlessly Integrating Online Coal Analyzers for Precise Monitoring

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"Accutrack has alerted us to several valid issues relating to fuel measurement which has saved the company big dollars."
Robert W.
Technical Director

Highlighted Features

  • Real-Time Fuel Tracking Track fuel from any source as it flows across belts and through bunkers.
  • Custom Bunker Modeling Real-time bunker flow modeling built to identify essential characteristics of coal at any time.
  • Immediate Feedback Real-time advisory screens for operators to respond to current or future conditions.
  • Powerful Reporting Detailed forecasting and historical reporting system for engineers and management staff.
  • Accounting System Integration Real-time integration of fuel management accounting systems provides fuel flexibility with plant performance initiatives, making it the most sophisticated fuel tracking system in the industry.
  • Environmental Compliance Effortlessly maintain environmental regulations and Accurately report inventory as required by Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation.
  • Not Just Fuel AccuTrack can also be used as a detailed tracking system for reagents including ammonia, sodium bisulfate, soda ash, and calcium carbonate.
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Bunker Modeling and Online Analyzers

Monitor Coal Quality
Online coal analyzers are used to measure and analyze the coal quality variables which are tracked though the bunker coal flow model. This allows precision blending of fuels and knowing its exact location in respect to the boiler.

EPA Regulation
Track as-fired coal properties to stay ahead of ever changing EPA mandates.

Advanced Modeling Algorithm
AccuTrack uses stochastic modeling algorithms to predict granular solid movement of coal through the plant’s bulk containers.

Customized for Your Facility
Computer models for systems are individually built for each application and through the use of RFID chips we can determine the natural coal flow through any feeder.

Proactive Fuel Blending
AccuTrack allows users to view coal throughputs in order to schedule the proper coal blends. With AccuTrack’s fully interactive gridview model of the current bunker status users can simply select any cell in the gridflow to view all the quantifiable characteristics.

Software Interfaces

AccuTrack Website
AccuTrack’s software interface allows users to view web reports that detail nearly every aspect of their fuel supply activity. This includes Formatted Reports, Bunker Modeling Displays, Documentation, Software Updates, and Database Administration. AccuTrack transforms available digitized information to provide peak operational efficiency in a robust tracking solution.

Aveva PI ProcessBook Real-Time Graphics
To avoid reduced efficiency, costly outages, and dangerous working conditions, AccuTrack predicts when slagging problems will occur. It includes a customized advisory screen for plant operators which provides decision-making information to maintain peak efficiency. This can result in millions of dollars in savings. Other displays include Overviews, Control System Mimics, Slagging & Fouling Details, Operator Advisory, Opacity Details, and Sampler Details.

AccuTrack Bunker Model

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