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Enterprise-Wide Notifications


Provides the Aveva® PI System® a monitoring and reporting platform that allows end users to monitor process data and view reports from their mail client or connected mobile device.

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Keeping Your Team In The Know: Empowering Enterprise-Wide Notifications

Effortless Alerting and Reporting based on Aveva® PI System® Data. Get Real-Time Alerts and Access Insights Anywhere, Anytime.

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"This is a great tool. We have several hundred users using it to annunciate process issues and many use it to trigger excel reports and ProcessBook displays. We have been using it for over 10 years."
Kevin W.
Supervisor - ESO

Highlighted Features

  • Live Process Data Timely PI data made available by E-Notification contains information of significant economic consequence and meets the real-time needs of today’s businesses.
  • User Administered Allows end users to monitor process data and view PI ProcessBook® and Excel® PIDataLink reports.
  • Multi-Platform Use an e-mail client or connected mobile device such as iPads®, iPhones®, Android™ phones, and tablets.
  • Increased PI System Data Availability Monitor health of PI data.
  • Timely Response Allows users to quickly respond to significant alarm events.
  • Flexible Licensing No separate client licensing required for end users.
  • Reporting Provides scheduled and event-based reporting options.
  • Data Mining Easily search for PI tags and view real-time data.
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Web-Based Interface

Easily Accessible
From a web-based intranet site, any number of users can sign up for event notifications which can include process deviations, interface problems, bad quality tags, etc.

User-friendly and Flexible Web Interface
No technical background is needed to create a profile and monitor PI tags for notifications.

Integrated Authentication
E-Notification seamlessly integrates with Windows Domain authentication or Corporate LDAP authentication.

Browser Compatibility
Works using the latest version of Internet Explorer®, Chrome®, Firefox®, and Safari® as well as many other modern browsers.

Mobile Support
Easily accessible from any mobile device on the corporate WAN such as iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, other mobile devices and tablets, etc.


Event-Based Notifications
Configure alerts based on PI Tags and PE Equations using custom limits (low, high, low-low, high-high).

Advanced Configuration
Notifications can be further customized to include deadbands for noisy signals, ignore delays, hold states, directional alarming, and renotification.

Alerting Options
Users can be alerted via e-mail, pager, and SMS.

E-Notification Alarms
Excel Event Based E-mail
Processbook Event Based E-mail


Rapid Configuration
Quickly create reports based on PI Tags and PE Equations to run on a schedule or triggered by an alarm.

Excel-Based Reports
Create reports based on any PI-DataLink-enabled and/or VBA-enhanced Excel spreadsheet.

ProcessBook-Based Reports
Create reports based on any PI ProcessBook display or workbook.

Multiple Destinations
Automated ProcessBook and Excel-based reports can be sent via e-mail, pushed to a web server via FTP, or pushed directly to a connected mobile device.

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